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While Liisu Yarns operated without a color card for five years, Kelly has finally decided on 48 stock colors and color cards are now available for $5.

CUSTOM DYEING is Still Available:  What color(s) are you looking for?  I can dye them.
What colors are possible?  You name it.  If you have the book Magnificent Mittens (you should), a great assortment of color combinations are available there to inspire you.
What kind of yarn do you want to work with?  I can get them and dye them.  Open for suggestions?  I have my favorites - and these are the yarns I keep in stock to work with.
Anna's Yarns
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These are named for, yes, Anna Zilboorg.  Anna introduced me to her favorite yarn when I started dyeing yarn kits for her "Magnificent Mittens" (another great XRX book).

This blend of 55% lustrous, durable kid mohair and 45% soft and comfortable wool, knits up nicely anywhere from 5 to 7 stitches to the inch (depending on what you want finished fabric to do). 

Easily considered an all-purpose yarn, Anna uses it for most of her socks (see Fancy Feet, Socks for Sandals and Clogs), mittens, sweaters and vests.    It also fulls beautifully for those fulled clogs, boiled wool vests and jackets.

This is the yarn that is featured in most of the kits offered by Liisu Yarns.  Knitters who have used this yarn have declared that it should come with a warning label:
Caution:  Knitting with this yarn may be addictive

ANNA's YARNS are hand-dyed yarns, in either "solid" or handpainted colors that are permanently mothproofed in the dyeing process.  Pricing:
2oz skein, approx 120 yards:  $11.00

MERIKE's YARNS are a bulkier, loftier version of this mohair/wool blend yarn.  It knits up beautifully at 4 stitches to the inch, is about 600yards per lb.  Wonderful for those "cushy" knit afghans, bulky sweaters, fulled hats, etc.
2oz skein, approx 75 yards:  $11.00
(These can also be hand-painted)
Pictured above and under heading:  Anna's Yarns in an assortment of solid colors that attest to small lot hand-dyeing:  not quite flat solid, but shimmer with an "abrash"....
This page was last updated on: November 20, 2011
Other very wonderful yarns are also available.  Photos and details will be posted soon.  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to request samples.

All yardages and prices listed are for 2oz skeins
Larger skeins are available, as are pre-wound balls.  Inquire.

Leili (our NEW custom spun yarn)200yards $10.00
  75% superwash merino 25% kid mohair = for exquisite lace,
knit with either single or double stranded for socks

Superwash 100% Merino     132 yards  $  9.50

Periwinkle (soft thick'n'thin wool)           60 yards  $  8.50

Fringe  (nylon eyelash)   100 yards  $15.00

Luscious (fine boucle of   95 yards  $16.00
  54% mohair/ 23% silk/ 18% fine wool/. 5%nylon)

Big Boucle (large loop boucle of   37 yards  $11.00
  96% wool, 4% nylon)

Fine Merino Laceweight    $11.00

Buster Boucle    30 yards  $11.00
   93% mohair 4% wool  3% nylon

Big Softy (bulky soft 100% wool)          36 yards  $10.00

Blanche Boucle       120 yards  $12.00
    78% mohair  13% wool  9% nylon

FIBER for spinning, felting, or needle felting
    Fine wool roving at $1.50 per ounce